Welcome to Kelsall Pet & Home Care

Planning your next holiday, or away from home?

Working long hours and short of time?

Need some help looking after your
pets, home and garden?

Look no further than Kelsall Pet & Home Care
- flexible, reliable and affordable.

Giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to
your pets, home and garden.

Cat Sitting

  • No more catteries, no more cat baskets!
  • Your cat gets to stay in their familiar home environment with their regular routine

Pet Taxi and Pet to Vet
  • Safe and secure pet transport
  • Save yourself time and effort

Home and Garden Care
  • Relax while you're away knowing your home is safe and your garden tended to

Dog Walking and Puppy Visits
  • Keep your dog fit and healthy
  • Relieve boredom and reduce associated bad behaviour
  • Constructive playtime and good behaviour training

Other Pet Sitting
  • ALL pets considered
  • No putting on family and friends

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