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On-holiday Visits

Even if you don't have pets, leaving your home and garden to fend for themselves whilst you're away can be a worrying time; or there's the daunting thought that your lawn will be six inches high when you get home!

We can keep a check on your home and tend to your garden and plants whilst you're away. We will bring in the post, put out/in your wheelie bins, check all is well in your house, water plants (inside and out), and give it that "lived in" appearance by switching on lights and closing curtains overnight.

This service can be fully tailored and combined with any of our other services, so that we do all that you need whilst you're away.

On-holiday Visit Prices 2019

Two visits per day
(up to 10 mins each)

10.00 per day
60.00 per week

One visit per day
(up to 15 mins each)

6.00 per day
36.00 per week

Weekly visits
   15 min visit
   30 min visit
   60 min visit


These are intended as guideline prices - please contact us with your requirements for an accurate price.

Additional mileage rates are charged for outside Kelsall/Tarvin villages.

If you wish to combine this with any other of our services, please contact us for a price.

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