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Cat sitting

Cat sitting Cats are homebodies by nature and a change of territory to a cattery can be a stressful experience. Having a professional catsitter, such as myself, visit your cat in their own space is the least disruptive holiday care option for them. Every cat is unique, some like a lot of attention and others […]
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Small animal sitting

Small animal sitting I also look after other small animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, ferrets, fish, birds, frogs, tortoises and chickens. As long as your pet can be left at home alone and you can tell me what they need, I can visit them as I would a cat. As with my cat […]
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House sitting

House sitting If you don’t have pets but would like someone to keep a check on your home and garden whilst you’re away, I also offer a house sitting service. Here are some of the things a holiday visit might include: Collect post and parcels Put wheelie bins out for emptying Water house plants Water […]
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