How do I know I can trust you?

Basically you don’t… but I am DBS checked and can provide plenty of references from happy customers. I believe you and your pets are the best judges of character which is why it’s so important that we meet before you decide to use me.

Are you insured?

Yes, I am fully insured with pet care specialist insurer Cliverton.

What happens to my keys after I’ve handed them over?

Some customers choose for me to be a keyholder. Their keys are kept in a safe which is only accessible by me and with no identifying labels.

Others prefer that I only have a key for the duration of my visits. In these cases we will agree collection logistics in advance. I recommend I keep hold of keys until a customer is home so that I can continue to visit if their return is delayed.

What happens if my cat is poorly?

I look after cats in my care as if they are my own and that includes taking them to the vets if they are ill. During registration we’ll cover ailments, any quirks your cat might have and scenarios for visiting a vet. If I think your cat is unwell, I will do my best to contact you before phoning your vet.

What will you do if there are any problems with the house?

Don’t worry, I’ll deal with anything that arises! Depending on the nature of the issue, I’d either contact you to discuss what to do or address it straight away and update you. I will use my common sense and take whatever action I would with my own home.

What hygiene measures do you have in place?

Good hygiene has always been important to me and never more than during the pandemic. I regularly wash my hands particularly on arriving and leaving a home and when handling food and litter trays. I use my own eco-friendly compostable bags for waste and these are disposed in outdoor bins. I disinfect surfaces and check for any soiling or illness.

What do you do with my data?

Choosing me to look after your pets and homes, means you have placed a great deal of trust in me. Your share and allow me to use personal information in order for your pets and homes to receive the care you require. Naturally you want this information to be kept private and secure.

Here is a link to the ICO’s Guide to the UK GDPR for full information: